Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cards

So I finally got around to doing Christmas cards this year, it's been quite some time since I sent any out, and the last time I did I think they were store bought! But I had a lot of fun with these ones, specifically the snowmen as you can see ( I'm a snowman collector!) I abused my cuttlebug profusely with these cards, and I'm in love with my new top note die from Stampin up, thanks to Michelle for getting it to me in time for Christmas!

I like the humor cards a lot

and I liked using the blue and the green for the snowmen, not the bright traditional colors but really nice.

Another humorous card

I wasn't a huge fan of this card but I did get some compliments on it so I sent them out.

A last minute addition, I only made two of these, they were way more labour intensive that I first thought, I used my Joys of the Season Cricut carteridge for the "o" and it was a candy with the wrapper on it, so I cut those off. The inspiration for this card came as I was standing on the train platform downtown waiting to come home and a man walked by with a gift bag that looked just like this, the "o" 's were on big springs, so I put them on pop dots. Love this card!

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