Saturday, February 13, 2010

Christmas Scrap Pages

Here are the pages I got done over the Holidays.

One of my favorite Mak family traditions is our Christmas Eve PJ's. We've always opened a gift on Christmas Eve since I was a child, but when Cy and I started our family, we wanted to make it special, so we made it tradition to open PJ's, that way you can use them right away, and you look good in the pictures on Christmas morning....well....look good in theory, no accounting for bed head! So I finally got around to getting pictures of us this year.

The kids yearly picture with Santa turned into a family picture this year, it might be a tradition that we continue, it turned out pretty good, and as for my page, it's nice and simple, there's so many colors in the picture I didn't want to go crazy!

I LOVE TIMMIES!!! A True Timmies girl thru and thru, so I'd seen a page like this done in one of my scrappin mags and it hit me that I need to A: start scrapping "things" not just people and B: I need to lift this page!!! So here is my take on the "Christmas Cup"

Olivia was a butterfly for Halloween last year, but instead of using halloween paper, I couldn't help but use my cute butterfly paper I had, turned out pretty cute for 1:00am in the morning!! LOL

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